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Ray Dalio’s Secret Sauce – The Truth Machine and The Good Life

Avoiding Procrastination – Genius, Productivity & The Sisyphus Matrix

Skill Changes Everything – How to Avoid Quitting Too Soon

Passion is Bullshit – Cal Newport on Finding Work You Love


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December 30 Why I Hate Books – My Favorite Book of 2018

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December 2 Do The Worst You Can

November 11 60 Day Meditation Challenge Using The Muse Meditation EEG Device 

October 25 Skill Changes Everything – How to Avoid Quitting Too Soon

August 15  Avoiding Procrastination – Genius, Productivity & The Sisyphus Matrix

February 24 Ray Dalio On How To Run Meeting & Other Business Tactics

January 24 Ray Dalio’s Principles – 4 Steps to Better Decisions

January 3  Ray Dalio’s Secret Sauce – The Truth Machine and The Good Life


October 6  Passion is Bullshit – Cal Newport on Finding Work You Love

July 20  Is Not Enough – Amartya Sen on the Utility and Moral Dimension of Thinking Beyond Ourselves

June 6  Brett Victor – Building Technology to Human Dimensions & Being Conscious of The Adjacent Horizon

May 2   Built to Lie to You – Learning About Media Manipulation From Ryan Holiday


December 1  The Secret To Finding Work You Love – The ABCriterion