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“Perhaps that wasn’t true. Perhaps as you went along you did learn something. I did not care what it was all about. All I wanted to know was how to live in it. Maybe if you found out how to live in it you learned from that what it was all about.

– Ernest Hemingway,

   The Sun Also Rises

I’m Peter Cook and this blog is about Escape Velocity.

I believe that the most powerful force in the universe is inertia.

Inertia: a characteristic of an object that resists changes to its state of motion. 

Escape Velocity is what’s required to transcend the inertia in our lives and achieve sustainable, better results.

In physics (specifically, celestial mechanics), escape velocity is the minimum speed needed for a free object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body.

This blog explores the strategies, tactics and execution necessary to overcome inertia and achieve the next level in careers, personal finance, health, and relationships.

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